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So far it has been a great week. Yesterday i got my chemistry test back and I got a 100 on!! I also have another chemistry test on tomorrow and i am so excited to take it because i understand everything on it, so I am hoping o pass it . Yesterday in math class (3rd period) we looked out the window and saw it snowing a little bit, but it didn't not last long, but the weird thing was that the sun was shinning and it was still snowing it was so funny but yeah well talk to you soon.

            Love, Kennedy

Its okay

Hey everyone i just wanted to say even though we did not reach our goal of $50,000.00 I am still thankful for the $44,807.19 that we raised. I just want to thank all of you that have helped me, and I am thankful for those that are praying for me as well thank you! 

                                                                                     Love, Kennedy

I love making blogs

Hey everyone Kennedy here i love making blogs they are fun hope everyone has an amazing day.

                      Love, Kennedy

Just saying hey

Hello everyone I'm feeling pretty good today just wanted to drop by and say hello to everyone. Talk to you soon

Today January 22,2015

Hey everyone so this is my first blog on here, but i just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me out by donating. Thank you so much also today it has been one year since we started this page and we raised $44,807.19 OMG!!! thanks you for all the support and help.

           Love, Kennedy

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